Tips for Selling Junk Cars for Cash

Are you tired of your junk cars taking up valuable space and just sitting there with no use? Well, you can free up space and put some extra cash in your pocket by simply selling the unwanted, junk cars. Selling junk cars for parts or scrap to a place that pays cash for auto salvage is a great way to get something out of those useless cars.

Those junkyards will sell the parts to repair shops or other car owners for money, which is the reason they’re willing to give you money for your junk car in the first place. Here are five tips to follow before selling your junk car, to ensure you get the most out of it.


Establish Ownership

Your first step is to find the title to your junk vehicle. Most salvage and scrap yards can’t purchase the car from anyone without proof of ownership. So prior to dealing with these businesses, establish ownership in your name first.

Assess the Value

It’s best to first determine the value of your car, which will help in knowing if the offer you’re getting is good or not. Kelley Blue Book is not a bad place to start in determining the value of your car. Examine your car closely to learn its condition to the full extent.

When you’re going to be shopping around for costs, you will possibly be asked many questions like, does it run, what kind of damage it has, and what’s wrong with it. It might be a good idea to make it road worthy if it won’t take much work. Cars that drive are worth more than vehicle that don’t.

Get Prices

There are numerous places that offer cash for junk cars near me. Reach out to junk car yards in your area and those in the nearby cities. Different places will offer considerably different prices, so call around until you find a price that suits you.

Deliver Your Car

Once you get the price determined, you will need to deliver the vehicle. You can haul the car yourself if probable since you will probably get more money if junk yards don’t have to pick up your vehicle.

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