The Importance Of Having Only American Standard Locks Installed For Protection

When anyone wishing to properly protect their residences or businesses deals with a local locksmith, they depend on that service to set up quality locks that will keep most interlopers out. For most of these situations, a hardwearing and preeminent lock will do, as long as the locksmith has faith in its quality. They are the professional experts in Durham, after all, and their customers should be competent enough to trust their judgment.

This means that any locks fitted for the purpose of security on any home or business must meet their standards of quality, and insurance companies follow those standards strictly. If your residence or business is broken into, and a lock meeting their standards was not utilized, then the insurance company may not honor their policy.

How can these locks be obtained?

Any locksmith that has been licensed by that governing body will carry their licensed locks in their inventory, and should be recommending them for use by their customers. The best certified lock for use in the USA currently is the BS3621 lock, a particularly designed theft resistant lock that utilizes a five lever assembly. This is the lock most preferred by both insurance companies and law enforcement, and any premises using these locks must be properly serviced by insurance policies should a break-in happen.

By contracting with a specialized and certified locksmith in Durham , you can request that only these locks be utilized, so that you will know that any installation will be approved by your insurance company, no matter what. Because this lock is of such high quality, it may cost more to have fitted than most other brands, but in the long run, it is worth the extra expense for added protection.

Taking it another step further

In fact, insurance companies also recommend that when you hire a locksmith to fit these security locks, you should also have them do a complete assessment of the premises. By doing this inspection, if there are any weak points, you can have the locksmith address them, and set up the proper measures.

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