Sell a Junk Car in Fort Lauderdale

To sell a junk car in Fort Lauderdale, you can follow these steps:

Scrap yards and car removal services will offer different prices for your car based on the condition and model of your car. It’s always good to have some knowledge of the current market prices and negotiate accordingly.

  • Gather all the necessary documents for the car, including the registration certificate and insurance papers.
  • Get the car evaluated by a reputable mechanic to determine its current condition and value.
  • Contact a scrap yard or car removal service in Fort Lauderdale that buys junk cars.
  • Provide them with the details and documents of your car, and negotiate a price.
  • Once the price is agreed upon, the scrap yard or car removal service will arrange to pick up the car from your location.
  • After the car is inspected and all the necessary paperwork is completed, you will be paid for the car.

To get the maximum cash for junk car Fort Lauderdale, you can try the following:


  • Research the value of your car: Look up the make, model, and year of your car to get an estimate of its value. Keep in mind that a junk car will likely be worth less than a functioning car.


  • Compare prices: Get quotes from multiple scrap yards or junk car buyers to compare prices.


  • Sell any usable parts separately: If your car has functional parts that can be sold separately, such as a working engine or transmission, you may be able to get more money by selling those parts separately.


  • Be prepared to negotiate: Be prepared to negotiate the price with the buyer.


  • Get it towed: Some scrap yards or buyers may be willing to tow the car away for free, which can save you money on towing fees.


  • Be honest: Be upfront and honest about the condition of the car. If the buyer discovers any hidden problems, it could lower the price they’re willing to pay.


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