Advertise Your Junk Car for Selling

When you choose that the time has come for you to sell your junk car near me, there are a number of strategies that can help you do it successfully. Most people will sell their junk car either because they are getting a more recent model junk car, or even a new car, or else the car has started to need so many repairs that it is no longer considered worthwhile to keep. Regardless of the reason for selling your junk car, you should start the project by consulting with the Kelley Blue Book. This will give you a good idea of your car’s worth.

If your junk car is more than four years old, it will probably be best to sell it yourself. While you may find a dealer to buy it, they will probably only give you 25% of its book value, as they will be planning to sell it themselves. A car this old will probably not be eligible for a loan, either. Assuming the vehicle is not an absolute wreck, you should make the asking price somewhat higher than what you really want, and this will give you some room to maneuver with a buyer. It is not possible to go up in price during negotiations, but simple to come down.



Before you start to advertise your junk car, take some time to prepare it. You must get any mechanical issues fixed, and make sure the tires are in good shape. The inside of the vehicle should be cleaned and vacuumed. Clean out the trunk, and repair any minor defects in the car itself. Wash the car and wax it, a first impression is very important, if your junk car looks shiny and clean, a buyer will be easier to find.

It will simplify the procedure of selling your junk car if you have all the relevant papers ready. Make sure you have the title and all service records on hand. It would be a good idea to make copies of the service records for you. The buyer will want to know what kind of mileage you get and will unquestionably check the odometer to see how many miles are on the car. These will all influence what the buyer is willing to pay for your used car.

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